Yes, no longer will the Democratic party have to support private bloggers to promote his political agenda at their site.

We now have pro Obama propaganda articles at a new “blog” at, a website connected with the State Department.

Yes, your taxpayer dollars are now paying for such propaganda such as a gushing article on the president’s speech telling graduates now that their minds are open, to go around and enlighten the rest of us boobs.

The writer supposedly is a State Department bureaucrat who “has covered three elections” for somebody but whose list of articles are so filled with sweetness and light and adoration of the President that it makes my blood sugar rise.

But this is just reporting a happy uplifting story of America, right? It’s not about politics at all.

Yet why do we find this article on the appointment of Ms.Kagan to join the Supreme Court? or an entire blog about the President’s proposals to Congress?

OK. The State Department wants to suck up to the President and promote his (political) policies.

But why does the blog also suck up to the left? HERE is a photo of “protests”>

Ah yes. Peace and love, even with the long locks of the 60’s…

Heck, I’m a grandmother and I think that the photo is a bit out of date but never mind. Let’s all get along.

Of course, there is no photos of swat teams confronting bemused little old ladies in Massachusetts .

For that you have to go to the internet

The blog “Big Government” notes their crime:

They were singing “God Bless America” …A sure sign of violence.

So what does this government paid for and sponsored blog tell us about the internet?

 My job involves writing about how the Internet is important to fostering human rights and economic prosperity, and how clever activists can use technologies – such as the mobile phones and video —  to defend freedom.  But all along I’ve known that if the “good guys” can find ways to use technology to help humanity, the “bad guys” can find ways to use the same technology to suppress human rights.  Even activists who are steadfast about the positive use of the Internet as a tool for promoting democracy and human rights recognize that repressive governments are determined to “fight fire with fire.”

Translation: We are the good guy activists, and alas the “bad guys” (such as the red shirted grannies shown above) are able to use the same technology.

Of course, the White House also uses taxpayer money to sponsor it’s own blogs.

We have the “Recovery blog”, for example, with quotes from economists from important sounding organizations (are these real organizations, or astroturf types set up with Soros’ money? No information on that, but never mind). It also tells us breathlessly about  the wonderful things that the Recovery act is doing.

Cree was chosen for a $39 million tax credit through this Recovery Act program, which is called the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit, nicknamed 48C for its line in the tax code.   So far, the investments they’re using the credit to make, along with the private capital they’re putting into those investments, have led to 375 new factory jobs in the last year, and they’re planning to add 300 more next year.

Translation: 100 thousand dollars per new job (or half that if they really hire another 300 next year).

What is not mentioned: Is this government subsidizing a factory a way to undermine cheap LED lighting from China?

(Right. Subsidizing American industry to destabilize China is such a great idea…Isn’t this illegal under the World Trade Organization agreement?)

Is this simply bowing down to American labor, which decries the fact Americans can buy cheap goods from China at Walmart, rather than not be able to afford the union wage manufactured jobs in the US?

Suck up to unions and the “green” sector at the same time. (FYI: LED lightbulbs save energy, and have less danger of mercury poisoning than the present “green” bulb, but they are a lot costlier to buy:

13 Watt Led Bulb – 100 Watt Replacement
Reg Price: $79.00
Spring Sale: $49.89

as opposed to ordinary incandescent bulb:

60 Watt G16.5 Globe Bulb – White – Medium Base
Price Each: $0.95     

or even to a Fluorescent bulb:

10 Watt Neoliteâ„¢ 10,000 Hour Compact Fluorescent 2700K Warm White CFL
Price Each: $3.95   

So let’s hear it for the government: Making decisions for the consumer, using the consumer’s money, and then using the consumer’s money to blog about it.

Ironically, we do need such information, and there are good economic arguments in all of this (especially if you include the cost of electricity into your calculations).

But this is not the job of government, but that of industry.

And using taxpayer money to promote the agenda of “green” organizations and labour unions is questionable: If such things were cost effective, investors would put their money into these companies. Considering the huge amount of overhead and red tape associated with government grants, one has to wonder why the President thinks that the government bureaucrat is better at such things.

And one wonders how much these “bloggers” are being paid to spout out such inane propaganda for the Obama administration. Yes, a blog at the White House could be political, but it should use political money, not that of the taxpayer.

But why is this propaganda on the website of the State Department?

At least the State Department’s Facebook/Twitter sites have ordinary “MEGO” (my eyes glaze over) reports on them, not political like the blogsite.

Of course, if you want to pay me, I’ll take the money.

I can suck up as well as the next guy, even though I am a Hillary supporter and well aware of how your bloggers went out of their way to ridicule her.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines.

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