The IRS was asking them all these questions and they didn’t know how to answer them, so they didn’t …Cindy Sheehan’s Crawford Peace House hasn’t handed in the required paperwork to maintain their 501c3 (charitable, nonprofit organization) status. As a result of not filing (and ignoring the government’s demands that they do so for about seven months) they’ve now lost their corporate charter. Aww darn.

A Peace House board member, when asked why they didn’t file the paperwork, said they “just aren’t responsible” about doing it, and that the IRS was asking them questions they didn’t know how to answer. She’s hoping someone will step up and volunteer to do that sort of thing for them, because they just don’t want to mess with it. They collected over $700,000 — of which they have roughly $11,000 left — and they’re not quite sure what they did with it.

I suppose it’s mean spirited of me, but I sure would like to see Cindy land in jail for it.

Right Voices – Blog Archive – Cindy May Have To Answer To The IRS – Tax Fraud? | Kate blogs at The Original Musings. 

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