I am a non violent person, so I really do hope that should Casey Anthony be forced back to Orlando to fulfill her probation terms that no-one in the area ever checks out the web site instructables.com. It is an entertaining place for sure. About once a week I get a news letter from them extolling the latest odd-ball inventions that members have created.

Pretty much the site covers everything from the very complicated to the very simple. Most of the inventions are not really practical, but they are fun. I recall that recently they featured a Coffee maker that had been modified so that it would send a message via Twitter or Facebook when the brew was ready! Another, although more simplistic set of instructions showed how to make a wallet out of Duct Tape. Or how about a steam powered Potato gun? Yup, just a bunch of people with too much time on their hands! But they are always entertaining.

Today I received the latest newsletter. In it were instructions on how to make your own Tar And Feathering gun. The art of Tarring and Feathering died out centuries ago, but some enterprising guy has reinvented it for our modern world.

Gone is the need for a vat of bubbling Tar and a couple of sacks of feathers. This is a portable unit.

Check out the video, Oh and note the use of Duct Tape:

If you want the instructions to build your own here is the link.

Simon Barrett

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