Officers of the law are once again being criticized for unnecessary roughness in carrying out their duties and this time it is in Tampa, FL. Deputy Kevin Stabins pulled Melissa Langston over in November for doing 63 mph in a 35 mph zone in front of University Community Hospital. As soon as the deputy approached Ms Langston’s vehicle she tried to explain that her father was having a heart attack. Deputy Stabins asked her for her license and registration and told her that her father was under a doctor’s care. Ms Langston further explained that her father was driving himself to the hospital and she just wanted to see that he got there ok and that he was indeed receiving medical care.

While the deputy was running her license, Ms Langston pulled her car forward into the parking lot of the hospital. By her own account she was looking to see if her father’s car was there. Deputy Stabins pulled her over again and this time he was much more aggressive. As the deputy reaches in to physically pull Ms Langston from her vehicle the car rolls forward. Ms Langston is crying somewhat hysterically and begging to be allowed to see her father.

Once Deputy Stabins gets Ms Langston out of her vehicle he tosses her against the back of the car and proceeds to hand-cuff her and explain that she will not be seeing her father because now she is going to jail. The incident was captured on the dash-cam video. It does appear that Deputy Stabins was both physically and psychologically abusive to Melissa Langston. His explanation was that he didn’t believe her story. After an internal affairs investigation the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has suspended the deputy for five days beginning May 22nd.


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