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The administration has told government-run temples not to celebrate the traditional Tamil New Year tomorrow, saying the year began three months ago. Angry priests said they had received an oral order banning the New Year rites — special pujas and readings from the Tamil almanac, Panchangam — on Sunday.

At the root of the interference into the practice at Hindu Temples is a law passed by the DMK last february.

The Tamil year has always begun with the month of Chittirai, in mid-April. But the DMK government got a law passed last February, advancing it to the first day of the month Thai in mid-January. This was done to pander to Tamil nationalists who claim that the mid-April New Year is a “Sanskritic imposition”.

The move has not been without political opposition.

Several Opposition leaders, led by Jayalalithaa and MDMK chief Vaiko, issued New Year’s Eve greetings to the public today, indicating they disagreed with the new calendar law.

There apparently is no limit to Karunanidhi’s bigotry.

It is no business of the Tamil Nadu Government to either alter the Calendar of religious and cultural significance. It also is no business of the DMK to dictate what rituals ought to be conducted in Temples.

Offstumped has in the past consistently denounced Government interference in religion. When the Communists attempted to intefere with Sabarimala Offstumped had roundly criticized the move. Offstumped had also spelled why State Control of Religion must be put to an end in its articulation of Flat World Hindutva.

Offstumped Bottomline: For a movement that swears by godless atheism Karunanidhi’s DMK Government stands guilty of undue interest and interference in the affairs of Hindu Temples. This assault on the New Year rirtuals in Tamil Nadu Temples is unacceptable. There can be no moral sanction for Government control of Temples. Will the Congress and the BJP show the courage and conviction to ammend the Constitution making it illegal for Governments to manage Temples. 


Offstumped is written by Yossarin from the Indian National Interest—–

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