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Your basic facts:

We (U.S. and A.) have not had any form of diplomatic exchange with Iran and Syria since the Beirut Bombing of ’83.   

Iran is swaggering around of late now that they are close to getting the (presumed and denied) bomb and are awash in Oily Profits..  Syria, Iran’s little brother, is the Bully of Lebanon.  They export terrorism and the tools of terrorism through Hezbolla and generally make life miserable for the Israeli’s by making life miserable for Lebanon.  Ok, that’s not facts on the other side of the desert, but it is generally accepted as true over here.

We used to side, somewhat, with Iran.  Remember Contragate?  We supplied weapons to Iran in their running feud with good ole Saddam (and sold the same to Iraq in one of our nations more lunatic attempts at playing the Cold War Game).  Oh yeah, we used the profits to fund opposition forces to Nicarauga’s Sandinista Government (a ‘commie stronghold’).  If you’re getting a bit of deja vu right about now it’s because Daniel Ortega, once president of Nicarauga, was recently voted back into power there… as the wheel turns.  Oh yeah, we got Ollie North in the bargain.

So, we’ve definetly got our hands dirty all around on Iran.  We’ve been in bed with them, we’ve kicked them out of bed.  We’ve  slept on the couch.  And we played chicken with hostages.  So, yeah, we aren’t on speaking terms with them.  In fact we really should have one of those court orders that say you can’t come within 1,000 miles of each other.  Yeah, a restraining order would be suitable. 

Enter the Democratic tilted election of ’06. (Wasn’t that just last week?)  Along the way to their great victory, the Dems have repeatedly called for dialog with Iran (and Syria while we’re at it).  No way, Jose!  is Dubya’s response.  “Talking isn’t a policy”. 

maybe all he wants is a Time Magazine Cover?

Your basic opinion:

Although I understand that this is high stakes diplomacy or something, it just strikes me as somewhat childish of this administration.  There’s more knowledgeable people than me looking at this, so I guess I might be wrong… but it just seems like a petulant statement by a bratty little boy, poking out his tongue, and refusing to talk to his sibling after that ice cream incident.  Is Not Talking getting us anywhere (except closer to the Bomb)?  Is it helpful in any way towards ending America’s Stupid War of the Century?  Is it doing anything to help stop Syria from packing Lebanon’s Government with their own branded commodity, Hezbollah?  Well, we tried the Silent Treatment…. Can we now give Talking the ‘Old College Try’?  Do we have that much to lose?  Maybe if we actually started talking we might actually stop killing? 

I’m just saying!

Zenny, Political SubGenius.

ZenShadow of Shadow World 


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