And how could they refuse?  They all have a strong sense of duty and honor. They respect the Office of the President.  So when the President calls, they must go.  Even though they had to know they were being used.  And, of course, the President and Karl Rove know what to expect from  this noble group.  And they must also have known that these individuals would be criticized for attending this session.  But Rove and the President only care about their own political hides.  They could care less who they damage in the process of covering their own back sides and prop’ing up their own failing image and numbers.

So this past Wednesday morning, August 1st, ten  top conservative talk radio hosts came to the White House.  Obediently, respectfully, humbly and dutifully.   Again, knowing that they were being used.  This is a collection of sharp witted, super intellects.  They had to know they were being exploited!  They had to know. And after leaving I’m sure they all couldn’t wait to get home and shower. 

But everyone gets “used” from time to time.  Especially in the  business they’re in.  There is no real criticism due them, is there?  They are our comrades in this struggle to save our nation.  We can only hope that at some point in their visit either one or more of them had an opportunity [and took it] to castigate the President for his continued injury to our GOP.  Mostly due to his continued stubborn attachment to what master blogger John Hawkins calls the “Rovian School of Thought“.  The sacrifice and compromise of all; our sovereignty, national identity, respect for the laws of the land, and the alienation of the GOP base – all for 30-40% of the Hispanic vote.  The reckless insanity of that “thought” process!   And we would also hope that  that one or more of our Talkers would remind the President of the real power of the GOP base.   And how they, the base,  were able to completely shut down the McCain/Kennedy Immigration Bill back in June.  And then we would hope that they would ask the President  if he would like to have the support of the GOP base on such issues as the Federal Prosecutor Firings.  Wouldn’t that make life a lot easier?  Its not going to happen, however.

And last - but most important.  We hope that one or more of our hero’s had the President backed into a corner and looking at him eye to eye, about  one inch from his face telling him how little he and his genius K. Rove know about the GOP voter.  And explaining to him that there is no group of advisers or strategists who know more about the conservative GOP voting block than Conservative Talk Radio jockey’s and that they’d do well to listen to our wise counsel periodically.  And rather than call us here to “talk at us” they should be sitting and listening “to us”.  Also, because of your stubborn blockheadedness you are doing more to damage the Global War on Terror than any  democrat.  BECAUSE YOU ARE FRUSTRATING YOUR BASE!  And causing them to become exasperated, hence dropping out of the process.  They’re staying at home on election day.  Leaving the kook fringes to fill the vacuum.  The average conservative voter has better things to do. These are people with careers and busy lives and they are in no mood to have their representative party dis’ing/insulting and ignoring them.   We, Mr. President, know these people better than anyone.   And without them the Republican Party has not hope.

Its doubtful that any of these kinds of exchanges took place.   These “10” should have phone conferenced the night before and had a single spokesperson.  And demanded that the President and K. Rove sit and listen at least for a specified time to their critique.  Five to Ten minutes would be enough!  Not too much to ask considering these folks got Mr. Bush elected.  Twice.  But instead they went in and allowed the President to have complete control.  They sat around and shot the breeze, apparently.  Another missed opportunity.  Another reason why a GOP loss is looking more and more inevitable come November ’08. 

Darvin Dowdy

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