Scientists have yet to properly explain why it is that Germans are always taking their clothes off whenever not physically restrained from doing so, but an industrious travel agency doesn’t want to wait and has decided to capitalize on this immodest compulsion by offering a special nudist flight package to the popular Baltic Sea beach resort of Usedom.


The Internet-based travel agency OssiUrlaub (Easty or Easterner Vacations) focuses upon eastern Germany’s high proportion of naked Germans, this portion of the nation’s population inexplicably more inclined to take their clothes off than the Germans in the western part of the country are (which is saying a lot), and this despite their immediate proximity to chilly Russian air currents, vicious jellyfish and sand crabs at the beach.

The air carrier the agency will be booking, Jaybird Airlines, checks no baggage of any conceivable kind and asks only that passengers flying with them bring along at least one large beach towel to sit upon, please. Ha, ha. Just joking.

And always make sure that you never book the same flight that your boss has.

Actually I meant more leg room, sir. Not more leg.

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