Fans of the WWE have often complained about the stagnancy of the company’s current main event scene, with the same superstars headlining major events. However, I feel that the WWE is making slight progress towards younger talents, not only moving them up in the company, but also allowing new stars to debut.

Viewers of the WWE product see this with C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan. They are two young wrestlers who wrestled throughout the independent circuit. When they became WWE competitors, I am sure that upper management did not see any drawing power in either of them. But they worked hard on their craft, and eventually achieved their dreams by becoming champions. There were several heart-pounding matches between the two wrestlers, which showed fans that they deserve their spots on the card.

The company’s decision to push Dolph Ziggler to main event status was a great idea. His performance in matches improved tremendously. He reminds me a lot of the late Curt Henning, or “Mr. Perfect,” as most fans know him, in terms of in-ring performance. Unfortunately, he lost an opportunity at becoming the World Heavyweight Champion at the No Way Out event on June 17, 2012. But, despite that loss, it is my hope that the company continues to push Ziggler to become true main event material, and allow him to be an upper-card competitor for a long time to come. I also believe that he will continue to work hard in the ring, and one day, hopefully soon, he will become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Ryback has recently burst on the scene in the WWE. What a powerful individual! He overpowers and dominates every opponent in his path. However, there is one problem. Since his debut, he has not had any real challenges. Personally, I think it is time that he gets one. I would like to see him against guys like Jack Swagger, David Otunga and Cody Rhodes. It would be interesting to see how he performs against stiffer competition. I am sure that he will do well, if the WWE believes in him. He has to feel that belief.

Damien Sandow recently debuted in the WWE. He is a heel character, who the fans despise, because on his way to the ring, he always cuts a promo on his opponent and mocks them. He uses unflattering words to describe them. After his victories, he performs a cartwheel just to irritate the fans more. The way he speaks reminds me of a former wrestler, the brother of the late Randy Savage, “the Genius” Lanny Poffo. I hope the WWE realizes the talent they have in Sandow. Hopefully, he will be taken seriously because of his in-ring skills, and his crowd interaction.  He can be a real asset in the company for years to come.

There will be another set of new talent coming to Raw and Smackdown in the near future. Richie Steamboat, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, will all be a part of the new season of NXT. This new version of the show will give wrestling fans a chance to see the future of the WWE. It will provide the wrestlers with an opportunity to improve their in-ring and microphone skills. I am sure WWE officials will watch this show intently and eventually decide who to focus on.

With the new influx of talent on the horizon, I think the future of the WWE looks bright. However, in order for that to be right, the company must place its faith in the wrestlers who are young and who perform at their best. These guys and girls must also be patient, and wait for their opportunity to shine. I am sure if all of that happen, the WWE will make good things happen for these new up-and-coming wrestlers.

Good things happen when there is belief in the product. With encouragement and hard work, spectators will see wonderful talent emerge – talent that will prove to attract more viewers and deliver for the future of the WWE.

Azeem Kayum

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