So, Jack Straw is honest enough to admit that he finds communication is a little less than satisfactory when speaking to someone whose’ face is entirely covered, and for this bit if honestly the Moslem street is seething at a full rolling boil again? And might I ask if a Moslem women is so devout as to cover herself entirely in public… then what is she doing at a politician’s office ? Kind of reminds me of the Moslem woman in Florida a couple of years ago, who wanted to demonstrate her devotion by getting her drivers’ license picture taken in full black bag and veil, apparently forgetting that the female faithful are discouraged from driving.

Every little thing sets the Moslem seethometer peaking these days, and I am hard pressed to think of anything that doesn’t. At this rate, the rest of us are inclined not to give a rodent’s patoot…. Even if they had a legitimate beef, which statistically is certain to happen one of these days.

An overview on the continuing veil flap here, and more on headscarfs and the full veil across Europe here.

Sgt. Mom is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO, who blogs at, and lives in San Antonio, Texas

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