A sentiment that I often hear expressed is that somehow the threat of terrorism isn’t real, and the “War on Terror” is something that was invented by the Bush Administration purely for political gain.

The cynicism that many have about terrorism is not only dangerous but just plain foolish. The recent bombing attempts in Britain and Scotland only serve to underscore the continued danger we all face from radical Islam.

British authorities said today that the bombers attempted to detonate the devices using a cell phone and only a wiring glitch stopped them from exploding. Cell phone records indicate the suspects made repeated calls to the bombs in an attempt to detonate them.

Had the bombs been wired properly it would have been a massacre the likes of which hasn’t been seen in years.

For some reason every time a plot is foiled in the U.S. the New York Times and others dismiss the plotters as amateurs and wannabes as if that matters.

The important thing to keep in mind is that these people are always plotting and no matter how vigilant we are eventually we will get hit again, but we can try and disrupt as many plots as possible.

It doesn’t take a genius to strap a simple bomb to his body and walk into a shopping center and blow himself up. We have been fortunate up to this point that none of the plotters have been incredibly skilled, and that’s all we’ve been is fortunate.

Don’t let your personal feelings towards President Bush cloud the reality of the continued terrorist threat. Whether we have a Democrat, Republican, or an Independent as our next President the war against terrorism will rage on.

Of course we can’t stop living our lives just because of the terror threat and I’m certainly not suggesting that we do, but we should be aware of what’s happening around us at the very least.

I realize the cool thing to care about right now is global warming, but terrorism is a little more important. The environment won’t really matter if we’re all dead from a terrorist bombing. Although, that is one way to dramatically decrease our “carbon footprint.”

Written By Chris Jones
The Hot Joints


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