Taken Cover

Well, all props to a suspense-thriller these days which has the nerve to posit an Arab as one of the villains. Heck, that hasn’t happened in a mainstream movie in simply ages, not since Ah-nold was only a movie actor and not the Governator of California. So, here is a taut and swift-moving thriller, with a seemingly indestructible hero/family man, single-mindedly boring through Paris like a runaway oil-rig drill, utilizing old contacts, old friends, mad spy skilz and no little willingness to pour on the specialized brutality – in search of his kidnapped daughter. And quell horror, she’s been kidnapped by some middle-European baddies involved in a white slave ring, which is what they used to call low-life traffickers in women for sex … a plot that is probably as almost as old as the oldest profession. And Liam Neeson does very well, as the retired black-ops veteran, hoping to reconnect with his teen-aged daughter, even if his ex-wife has married a fabulously wealthy man who can offer the girl everything except rescue, when she and her best friend fly off to Paris for a bit of un-chaperoned adventure. Of all the A-class movie leading male talent, he actually looks rather battered, weathered, as if he has had a life – and a strenuous one at that. He is a man, not a pretty boy dressed up in a man’s costume. He is believable as a retired spy; old enough to be experienced, but young enough to be physically believable as an action hero. And while it might not be quite believable that the hero would be allowed to leave France without spending at least a little time answering some fairly serious questions down at police headquarters – “Taken” moves at such a brisk pace that one doesn’t even think of such questions until afterwards. It now is available from Amazon.com and other retail outlets.

Sgt. Mom is a free-lance writer and member of the Independent Authors Guild who lives in San Antonio and contributes to the on-line literary magazine, The Deepening. Her current book project, “The Adelsverein Trilogy” is also available at Amazon.com and selected local outlets. More about her books is at her website www.celiahayes.com.

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