If you watched enough telvision in the 80s you could learn many interesting things. For instance, highly trained commandos talented enough to escape military prison were unable to hit their target despite expending hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition in an hour. People could plunge down 300 foot cliffs, escape the vehicle, and only then would it explode. Men in mass quantities of gold jewelry, which they would even wear while in prison, were tougher than anyone else on earth…but were so afraid of flying they had to be rendered unconscious.
    Well, if you miss the A-Team and don’t get TV Land or have the werewithal to purchase the complete seasons on DVD, now you can watch Mr. T try to avoid making a fool of himself.
      I have to be a little careful here to avoid going over the top in my contempt. I find all these so-called “reality” shows annoying in the extreme and more than vaguely humiliating for both the participants and the people who stoop to watching them.
       Why the US glories in watching nitwits with out of control children or bickering siblings/friends/lovers attempt bizarre tasks while running around the world or sub-standard entertainers trying to become famous by singing/dancing/twirling or whatever the smurf else they do on those shows and other such “quality” television still eludes me. Y’all enjoy that now.
     Then again, if I were Mr. T and on the downhill side of my career and I had a shot to make a few bucks prostituting myself out on retard-o-vision, I would probably do it too. After all, I only have to perform this crap, I don’t have to watch it.
     I would really like someone to explain to me the entertainment factor in watching a faded, over the hill entertainer try to stay relevant. Is it the train wreck factor? Knowing you are watching something gut-wrenchingly bad and hoping to lose a few pounds when you throw up? Or is it getting vengeance vicariously…yeah, you were never famous but at least you never stooped to this level?
      For my money, I think I will keep the memories of the A-Team as a fun, diverting albeit not highly intelligent show and take a pass on the Mr. T career resurrection ploy.

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