T-Mobile has been making a lot of noise lately in the mobile market. First, they brought back an unlimited data plan, something that has become somewhat of a dinosaur for mobile service providers. Next, a few weeks ago T-Mobile merged with Metro PCS to expand it’s share of the market and to become a more expansive and competitor in the mobile industry. Now, with the help of LG, T-Mobile is teaming up once more to take on the industry.

It has been reported that T-Mobile and LG are teaming up in an effort to take a bite out of the U.S. smartphone market; an industry in which both companies have had trouble staying relevant. LG recently release the new Optimus L9, and is hoping that they can utilize T-Mobile’s unlimited 4G data plan to push the phone’s popularity, and T-Mobile is hoping to offer a strong enough phone to pull in customers. This unique offering seems to be promising for both companies, but they still have to compete with the big boys.

The Optimus L9 is an Android based phone; an operating system that has had some great success and popularity that recently overtook it’s number one rival, Apple iOS. With that being the case, the Optimus L9 does have a lot going for it. On the other hand, it is going to have to compete with some of the most popular phones like all of Samsung’s line, most notably the Galaxy S3. In fact, Samsung’s line of Android phones are so popular the it ended with a lawsuit from Apple (which Apple won, but only to result in more sales for the Galaxy S3). But having a platform that enables the Optimus L9 to run at full capacity like an unlimited data plan from T-Mobile will certainly give the desire for the phone a bump.

What about T-Mobile? How does this benefit them? Well it’s no new thing that phone makers go out to find the most successful mobile service providers to carry their product. Apple did it with AT&T for years before including other companies like Verizon. This is not a new trend, and it makes complete sense. For a company like T-Mobile that is still struggling to take over the 3rd spot in mobile providers, phone developers are skipping them over with their best brands.

Having LG use T-Mobile as a launching pad for their newest release gives the mobile provider some exclusivity in the market. This of course is tied to many things. For one, the phone has to have the chops to pull users in their corner. No matter how good your service is, no one is going to compromise the quality of phone they use. If the Optimus L9 flops, so does the hopes of T-Mobile. This of course cuts both ways, as no one will want to use a phone with a subpar provider. If T-Mobile’s 4G is garbage, then no one will want a phone, no matter how cool it is. So both companies are taking a big risk, but one with the potential for a huge payoff.

So we can all sit back and see how events transpire. Hopefully it will work out for both companies. When that happens, the consumer ultimately thrives. Having as many good options as possible make companies work harder to keep customers happy. That mean the quality of product and service will have to raise the bar to keep users around. When these events come together, the market is full of great options for all consumers. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for this to be a successful mobile experiment.

Jordan Mendys is a tech fanatic and blogger. He also writes about the best in satellite dish service, and lives in the Southeast.

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