Nancy Pelosi it would seem by recent diplomatic overtures to the terrorist nation of Syria must have been to busy to attend All the briefings given new speakers prior to the assumption of duties. And she will doubtless be disappointed when she does get around to reading up on her duties and privileges, Foreign policy is not in her folder,

I allow for a bit of giddiness in respect to becoming speaker and thought it was just too cute when she called up the air force and wondered why the speaker ought not to have a big old jumbo jet like the President to scamper about in.

Sorry Nancy we have Air force one and Air force two for the veep and I am sure some General attempted to paietently explain there is no Air force three.

I was sure after that rather embarrassing incident one of those “boys” from the bay on her staff would have asked around and discovered just exactly the limits of her duties and responsibilities as speaker.

Evidently not and worse she behaved like a petulant child when told rather directly by the white house and State department her announced trip to Syria was both inappropriate and exceeded the responsibility of her office.

Were I Condi Rice I would have done the equivalent of sending her to her room by simply suspending her passport privileges to visit Syria.

The President is a great deal more diplomatic towards the out of control democrats then I ever could be, it must be the experience of his spunky teenage daughters,

Still someone needs to explain to the Speaker of the house that in matters of diplomacy Secretary of State Condi Rice or someone she designates to act for her big foots into the crises,

And if Condi is busy the Vice President will Handel it, and God forbid the veep is unavailable, The president will call someone cause as President that his job not yours.

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