Symantec has launched a new web page designed to educate children (and their parents) about how to avoid the (sometimes) murky waters of the Internet.

The goal of the page is to (in their own words):

Our goal is to help parents provide guidance to their children who are using the Internet . We want you to keep your children and your computer safe online, and help you make sure your children are good cybercitizens. With your direction and supervision, the Internet can be a positive, safe place for your child to research, learn, communicate, and socialize.

The page can be viewed, here.

Symantec has also hired someone to administer this effort (Marian), who writes columns to support the page.

You can even submit a question to her, here.

The page has links to other sites on this important subject, also:

iKeep Safe

Web Wise Kids

National Cyber Security Alliance

Taking the time to educate our children, as well as ourselves, on how to safely use the Internet is an important effort!

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