Fear based on fact is legitimate … fear based on vague or unsubstantiated facts is paranoia.

So it is, that millions of people the world over today suffer from paranoia; unsubstantiated fear of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Even as the mushy pillars of Global Warming’s enviro-lunacy slowly collapse, governments and corporations foist on civilians hardship. In Japan, they sweat to save the planet:

Japanese office workers are being forced to sweat in the name of global warming. But before Americans consume too much “Green” Kool-Aid and suffer a similar fate, they may want to consider this week’s global warming developments.The Wall Street Journal reported in a front-page story (Sep. 11) that Japanese offices are keeping summertime office temperatures at a “steamy 82 degrees Fahrenheit” to help Japan use less energy and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

An example of fear mongering is a little piece from ABC News. If the MSM is true to form, those who predict disaster in the name of Global Warming lunacy won’t ever be called to account when they are proven wrong … not by basement bloggers or “deniers”, but proven wrong by nature herself.

Even the WHO is getting revved up, salivating at the chance for more funding and positions as it prepares for the great upcoming Global Warming disease catastrophe … in the mean time, the common flu remains the number one killer in North America, and no reasonable plan of attack is in place to prevent a 1918 type flu pandemic.

Great … lets fret about a long shot in the name of green lunacy, yet fail to prepare for what all epidemiologists consider to be the most likely next greatest viral calamity … the common flu.

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