Long-time actress Suzanne Pleshette Passed Away Early Yesterday Evening

Her Career was Long and Varied

Well-liked, thrice-married and with Numerous Acting Credits on her Resume

The Life of an Actress in Words, Video and Pictures 

Later Suzanne Pleshette, at Charity Awards show in December 2002.

Suzanne Pleshette had a long and varied career.

Sexy and glamourous for her early career, she transitioned easily into TV dramatic roles and a number of Disney family movies.

She then moved back to TV–this time in comedy roles.

Except for the occasional foray, such as her role as Leona Helmsley, she remained in TV sit-coms.

She died of lung cancer yesterday, just a few days over 71.

On August 11, 2006, her agent Joel Dean announced that Pleshette was being treated for lung cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. On August 14, 2006, New York Newsday reported that Dean claimed the cancer was the size of “a grain of sand” when it was found during a routine X-ray, that the cancer was “caught very much in time,” that she was receiving chemotherapy as an outpatient, and that Pleshette was “in good spirits.”

She was later hospitalized for a pulmonary infection and developed pneumonia, causing her to be hospitalized for an extended period. She arrived at a Bob Newhart Show cast reunion in September 2007 in a wheelchair, although she was seated in a chair during the telecast, creating concerns regarding her health, although Pleshette insisted she was “cancer free.”

But now her struggle against the disease she insisted she was cured of, is over.
She had a long film career, dramatic TV actress, star of many Disney family movies and then back to TV in situation comedies.

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Suzanne Pleshette: R.I.P.  1937 – 2008 


Suzanne Pleshette: R.I.P.  1937 – 2008

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