I watched with increasing incredulity as Jose (I really want a book and movie deal out of this case) Baez argued the case to let suspected tot killer Casey Anthony free of GPS monitoring and the other impediments. To let Casey Anthony be able to pick up her life of partying and general irresponsibility that we have come to know. What stupidity.

I don’t have the ‘dirt’ right now, but a good friend and fellow investigative journalist had some very unflattering comments about our knight in shining armor. Baez apparently has a pretty checkered history, he loves the high profile stuff, but, bad news Casey, this guy keeps losing in court! This case sure seems to be fitting right into his Modus Operandi. I couldn’t even see OJ’s Dream team getting this baby killer off the hook.

UPDATE: We do have some info on Mr Baez, you can find it here.

I am always of the supporter of the little guy, us little guys and gals get short shrift in the grand scheme of things. One part of me worries about people like Jose Baez, he is potentially freeing a murderer, but another, much larger part of me thinks that he has the class and intelligence of an Armadillo that has has a full lobotomy. Armadillos have an IQ that you need an electron microscope to measure at the best of times. Jose Baez has hit new lows in the legal profession. These are lows that I have not seen since the OJ Simpson farce in the mid 90’s. I live in hope that the jury are smart enough to see through this slick, but shallow performance.

Today Jose Baez managed to persuade the court that life was unfair for Casey, and now the prosecution is being forced to share their evidence with the likely killer and her attorney.

Personally I think the judge is being quite clever. By forcing the prosecution to share the evidence with the defense, this shuts down a great number of appeal angles once they find Casey Anthony Guilty. Once they put this woman in the slammer, they are not going to let her get back out. That could come as soon as next Tuesday when a Grand Jury get to look at the case.

This seems like a case of stage management, sure, share the evidence, sure share everything, the end result will not change. That is my theory anyway. This is a case that has stage management written all over it. There was a clear case of that on the Nancy Grace show this evening. Nancy has been hammering the Caylee Anthony case for weeks. In spite of her really annoying whiny New York accent she obviously has her head in the right place, and clearly is enjoying this case. Day by day Casey Anthony loses credibility. Unfortunately in order to make a one hour show you have to have some filler. Enter Leonard Padilla, bounty hunter, and also someone else looking for a book and or movie deal.

I class myself as being reasonably intelligent, I also have over 6 years involvement with adult literacy.
I hate being used. I have heard Leonard talk many times, and I know when I am being fed a line. Mr. Padilla would not use the word ‘Pyrrhic’ in day to day conversation. In fact when he used it, he had to take a couple of shots at getting it out. This is not a word that 80% of people have ever heard of. This was not Leonard Padilla talking, this was scripted. Nancy Grace, and the rest of CNN, in fact most channels try to keep to a grade 6 to grade 8 level of english. Pyrrhic, is way outside of that level, I doubt even a grade 12 student could define the meaning. Yet we have a cowboy hat toting rough guy using it. I smell script!

The only loser in all of this nonsense is a little three year old named Caylee Anthony. It is now three months since anyone has seen this little girl alive. Suspected tot killer and mother, Casey Anthony seems to care less about her missing daughter. I am not a fan of the ever present surveillance cameras, but in this case we get to watch Casey cashing bad checks, buying large boxes of beer, and some lingerie. This certainly seems like a caring mother to me!

Once again we have a situation where the truth is obvious, but the legal system would prefer to complicate it, no doubt for their own gain. One aspect that bothers me is that apparently Casey Anthony spends about 6 hours per day in Baez’s offices. What can they possibly be doing? Even if Baez has installed disco lights and a dancers pole in the conference room, you can only watch a sleezy baby killer for so long? And what do you bill this to? Who is going to pay for the new BMW?

Simon Barrett

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