jessica-ridgeway.jpgI have been waiting for this news to come so that people could finally rest at ease knowing a murderer running loose would finally be locked up but to be quite honest I was shocked to hear that the police have arrested a 17 year old boy for her murder.

Police say that Sigg arrested at his home in Westminister, Tuesday morning, which is only about 1.4 miles from Jessica’s home where she lived. His mother, Mindy Sigg told the Associated Press, “I made the phone call and he turned himself in. That’s all I have to say.”

austin-reed-sigg.jpgThe suspect has been identified as 17 year old Austin Reed Sigg, a student from Arapaho Community College. He is expected to be charged with two counts of first degree murder as well as kidnapping charges within the next two days.

10 year old Jessica Ridgeway disappeared on October 5, 2012 after she left home heading to a park to meet friends to walk to school together, a routine she did every day when going to school. Her mother works nights and she sleeps during the day, so when Jessica’s school called to question her absence in school, she didn’t hear the phone ringing. Three days later Jessica’s school backpack was found in another Denver suburb, about seven miles from Jessica’s home. Five days after she disappeared her body was found in an area of abandoned mines in a field in Arvada, Colorado. Police told the media and the public that her body was “not intact”.

Sigg was linked to another incident, from back in May when a woman who was jogging was grabbed from behind by an unknown assailant. The man attempted to cover her mouth with a rag filled with some sort of chemicals. Fortunate for the woman she managed to escape after fighting the man off.

My thoughts and prayers go to this child’s parents, Sarah Ridgeway and Jeremiah Bryant. There is nothing harder than having to bury your own child. Maybe now Jessica can lay in peace knowing that the monster that did this to her has been caught. I just pray that our justice system won’t let this animal back on the streets. Jessica is in heaven now where no one can hurt her again.

Jan Barrett

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