Beason, Ill. – Logan County Sheriff Steve Nichols announced an arrest on Thursday, October 1, had taken place in connection to the murders of 46-year-old Raymond “Rick” Gee, his wife 39-year-old Ruth, and their three of their children, 16-year-old Justina Constant, 14-year-old Dillen Constant, and 11-year-old Austin Gee.  The youngest child, and only survivor, Tabitha Gee, is severely injured and remains in the hospital. Christopher Harris, the ex-husband of Nicole Gee Harris and father to three of her children, now accused of bludgeoning to death the Gees in a brutal struggle that took place sometime Sunday evening. He is charged with multiple murders.The Gee FamilyThe Gee Family

The Gee children did attend Church on Sunday, but did not attend school on Monday. On Monday afternoon, a neighborhood boy went to the Gees home and knocked on the door. It opened and he made the gruesome discovery. The boy ran home and after relating what he saw, calls went out to relatives of the Gees. Nicole Gee HarrisNicole Gee Harris was one of the first to respond and one of the first to view the bloody murder scene. A 911 call went out and the county sheriff’s office quickly responded. The scene was so bloody and brutal the caller thought it was a possible shooting.

Beason is a small farm town of about 200 located in rural Logan County in the State of Illinois. It is so small that most everyone knows everyone else. As reported in the, the postmaster, Judie Duncan, recalled how the Gee children and others would wait for the school bus outside the tiny storefront of the post office each morning. The quiet community, shocked by the violence of the murders, was accustomed to basking in the perception of safety, seldom locking their cars or doors at night. Sheriff Steve Nichols quickly put the word out for all residents to lock their doors and take every caution, while he, and his deputies, investigated the murders and hunted down the killer or killers.

Yellow police tape surrounding the Gee home and buildings on their property. Located on the outskirts of Beason, it is the first house on the road leading to the city of Beason. Moreover, if that weren’t enough to tell people the Sheriff was on the case, the large fifth wheel with the big badge painted on the side and parked at the Gee home, would leave little doubt. They covered the house and other buildings with a fine toothcomb and brought out DNA, fingerprints, and blood as potential evidence. Sheriff Nicole was determined to solve this crime and get justice for the family. He requested assistance from the FBI immediately. No stone will be left unturned.

It didn’t take long for over 250 tips to come in. Then someone came forward with a description of the grey trunk seen at the Gee’s home on Sunday evening. 

Still time seemed to pass slowly for relatives and friends of the Gee family, as well as the towns people. On September 25, reported the autopsy indicated blunt force injury as the cause of death. Canine dog teams searched the perimeter of the home and the bean fields. It was notable the dogs took a direct path, north to the road.

Funeral services were on Monday, September 28. Family and friends of the victims attended, including (as reported by Chris Harris.

An employee of the Dixie Travel Plaza in McLean recognized the description of the truck as belonging to former employee, Chris Harris. Then Marjorie Wright told that on Wednesday night she saw Harris put his truck into Nicole Gee’s garage.

Nicole Gee Harris and Chris Harris divorced in March of 2007. According to Logan County public records, there were several hearings regarding support and one filed by Harris about visitation. The couple recently had another child together.

The Harris family does not believe Chris Harris is guilty and they plan to hire an attorney out of Chicago.

The investigation continues and Sheriff Steven Nicole is not ruling out the possibility of future arrests.

Linda Johnson 

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