Blogging from Phoenix: In my opinion Madeleine Albright protégée Susan Rice is the odds on favorite to become our next Ambassador to the United Nations. President Elect Obama couldn’t find a more qualified, experienced or better educated individual to step into a post the past administration staffed with diplomats who quite frankly were of GED caliber and provided foreign policy credentials consisting primarily of cultural tidbits they picked up while dinning in ethnic restaurants.
Due respect to Sarah Palin’s desire to staff government with Joe the plumber intellects, we need Rhodes scholars and rocket scientists on the bridge of the new administration. Rice by the way happens to be a one of those Rhodes scholars, whose doctorate from Oxford is in international relations. The single negative in her resume is how she reacted to the genocide in Rwanda in 94. She was at the time President Clinton’s young fresh faced policy advisor. But the entire Clinton administration, must accept ownership of failure to act soon enough to save more lives.

One of the new Presidents more difficult tasks will be in restoring our nations credibility abroad, For eight years the Elmer Fudd brigade of diplomats has been in charge of America’s international profile. Six pack Joe American would discover if he could afford to travel to Europe or Asia. China and Russia have been picking up our slack when it comes to influencing the course of international affairs. If Rice is not tapped for the U.N Post I assume it will be because the President Elect has a different but equally important slot, he feels her skills will better be put to use in.


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