susan-powell-2.jpgSusan Cox Powell, 28, a Utah mother of two small boys was last seen on December 6, 2009. Her husband, Josh Powell told authorities that he took their two children, then ages 2 and 4 out in the middle of a snow storm to go camping, later that night. He claims his wife wasn’t feeling well so she decided to stay home. She has not been seen since.

About a month after Susan disappeared Josh packed up his kids and moved from Utah to Puyallup, Washington where his father, Steven Powell lived. Josh and his father both claimed that they believed that Susan was alive and had run off to be with another man, but Susan’s family claims that Susan would never have left her sons like that.

Steven Powell claimed that his daughter-in-law was a very flirtatious, sexual being, trying to sell a totally different side of her than that known of her family and very close friends. The question remains, is Steven Powell speaking the truth or is this some sort of fantasy that he has about his daughter-in-law?

After a search of the Powell home in Washington, police discovered some disturbing information about Steven Powell himself. They found out how he liked using a telephoto lens to videotape and photograph young girls and women at area parks and even in his own neighborhood. The police say that Powell photographed his neighbors two little girls through his bedroom window even..

They have found thousands of disturbing images which include some of Susan after they confiscated Powell’s home computer in the search of his home.

chuck-cox.jpgChuck Cox, Susan’s father told the police that although his daughter never gave him any details but she never wanted her children at her father-in-law’s home. He said she made it clear how uncomfortable it made her.

Steven Powell has been arrested and charged with voyeurism and child pornography and the two children have been removed from the home and put with strangers until there is a hearing for custody on Wednesday. Susan’s parents are trying to get custody of the children. A judge says even if Steven manages to get out of jail on bond he is not allowed to be with the boys.

Meanwhile the search goes on for the young mother in the deserts in Utah around Topaz Mountain. During the search investigators located about 100 pieces of charred wood that was taken from what they claim to be like a shallow grave that had been disturbed. A Salt Lake City forensics expert has a lot to say about the charred wood found.

“If the wood is only partially burned, for instance—or didn’t burn that long and wasn’t that hot – and it was in direct contact with biological materials, then it is possible to get a DNA profile from that,” said Tim Kupferschmid said, who is the executive director of Sorenson Forensics. He said there is a concern about how much of the DNA has degraded but it will not result in misidentification.

“No chance in the process does the DNA degrade and turn into someone else’s DNA,” he said. “It’s either going to be a match or you’re going to get no results or inconclusive results.”

The police say that Josh Powell has been named as a person of interest in this case, but no arrests have been made. Personally I think they should look at not only Josh but his father too. Steven Powell apparently had an obsession with his daughter-in-law that was definitely out of the ordinary. This is only mu opinion of course but perhaps he is involved in this too.

As much as I would love for Susan Powell to be found alive and well somewhere, I seriously doubt she will be at this point. I do hope one way or another that she is found so this family can move forward. I pray for Susan’s two son’s Charlie who is 6 now and Braden, who is 4 now. Being placed into a foster home has to be hard on them. I am sure they don’t understand what is happening and I think they have been through enough. Having the family fighting over them must have been very emotional for them both. I pray that they will be able to lead a normal life once this is all over. Please God watch over these two little boys.

Jan Barrett

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