According to the parents of Susan Powell, the Utah woman that disappeared in December 2009, the children started talking about what happened to their mother on the night she disappeared.

The Huffington Post is reporting that the oldest son, Charles told his grandparents that his mother was in the trunk of the car that night that they went camping. He said his father, Josh Powell was driving the car and he said that his Mom and Dad got out of the car and then his Mom disappeared.


Could this be the reason Josh Powell decided to kill his sons and himself too? Why is this news coming out now, that Josh Powell is dead? According to the police Josh Powell was the only person of interest in the disappearance of his wife. He told the police that he took his two sons out camping at midnight that night even though the temperature was freezing and it was snowing.

When Josh’s father, Steven Powell was arrested for child pornography and voyeurism, Josh lost custody of the two boys and just recently was back in court with the ongoing custody battle and he lost again only this time he was ordered by the court to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation. The police have stated that Josh was pretty upset about having to do that. Custody was once again given to Chuck and Judy Cox, Susan’s parents.

Josh was however granted supervised visits which he could see the boys twice a week. Yesterday a social worker brought the children to the home of Josh Powell and when they got to the door he brought the boys inside and then shut the door and locking it, not letting the social worker in. She turned around and called in to report that she could smell gas at the door way and right about that time the house exploded, killing the two boys and Josh Powell. The social worker was not harmed.

This to me sounds like Josh may have known the police were narrowing in and getting close to arresting him for the murder of his wife and he got scared. I don’t understand why he had to kill the two children he was just in court for to try and gain custody of. If only that judge had ordered him to go through that evaluation before he was granted visitation. Those two boys might be alive today, but sadly, they are gone now. Two innocent little boys were taken from this world because of their father.

My prayers are with Chuck and Judy Cox and the rest of the family. I pray they can find some sort of relief in their grief. Not only have they lost a daughter but now their two grandsons. How sad this is. It just breaks my heart. May God be with this family now, to help them get through this.

Jan Barrett

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