susan-powell-and-kids.jpgA Pierce County Medical Examiner said that the two children of the missing Utah Woman, Susan Powell, that died in a house explosion along with their father, Josh Powell both were severely injured by “chops to the neck” but they died from carbon monoxide poisoning preceding an explosion. They are also listing the cause of death for Josh Powell as a suicide.

Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy Ed Troyer said it that the chops on their necks likely were from either a hatchet or a small ax. He said they recovered a hatchet or small ax right there where the bodies were found.

Troyer said while investigating the explosion, they found two five gallon cans of gasoline inside the home, one which was found in the same room as the three bodies were found. The findings of the gas cans pretty much tells the investigators that Josh Powell acted with intent to murder his two sons and then kill himself. They believe that Powell made thorough plans well ahead of time for this.

There were no guns found in the home, even though there were witnesses claiming they thought they heard gunshots just before the explosion.

One witness to the explosion, Dan Seelye who is a neighbor said, “It sounded like a sonic boom and felt like an earthquake.” He said the flames shot up to 30 or 40 feet high with ashes falling on the neighbor’s roofs.

Steve Downing, an Attorney for Susan Powell’s parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, said, “Charlie had been asked along with other members of (his) class to draw a picture of something they did in the summer. At some point he drew a picture of the family van. The dad was driving, he and his brother were in the back seat and mom was in the trunk.”

josh-powell.jpgThe investigators in this case think that with Josh Powell setting fire to his home, he not only killed his children but he also eliminated evidence in the case with his wife.

“Those boys were evidence. Those boys were going to be evidence against him,” Troyer said. “You’re looking at somebody who’s willing to kill their own kids … killing your wife isn’t that much of a stretch from there.”

I do agree with that statement. He sounded more like a desperate man that really got scared knowing they were closing in on him and being the kind of man he was, he wasn’t going to leave the kids behind to possibly tell more.

Could Josh have taken his children with him just as a revenge thing toward the Cox family? Could he have done this to actually hurt them?

chuck-and-judy-cox.jpgChuck Cox talked to a reporter from KTVX, an affiliate for CNN, “We were doing everything we could to keep them safe and healthy. And all was taken away… by a selfish and cowardly act, in my mind – just a slaughter of two innocent children.”

I really feel bad for this family. Not only have they lost their daughter but now both of their grandsons. They loved and cared for the two boys and did everything possible by the law to protect them from harm only to have their own father take them away from them like this. They have got to be heart broken. I pray for them all. May God watch over them as they go through their grief.

Jan Barrett

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