I am sure that many of you are wondering what happened to our series of articles and radio programs about the American Mafia. The good news is that nothing bad has transpired, we are all alive and well, we have just had some scheduling issues.

Everyone involved, myself, Andrew DiDonato, Denny Griffin, and our various other contacts have been wrapped up in some other projects.

I did want to bring you all up to date on the latest development. Andrew DiDonato and Denny Griffin are working on a book about Andrews life in the Gambino crime family. Last night I was given a sneak peek at the unedited manuscript, and it is a blockbuster read!

I loved the DVD Surviving The Mob, and the book Surviving The Mob outshines it!

Denny Griffin is an outstanding author and each new book surpasses the last. In the reviewing trade there is a term ‘the hook’. The hook, could be a simple sentence, or a couple of paragraphs that appear early in the book, usually the first 20 pages. This is what ‘hooks’ the reader to want more. Denny gets his hook set on page one!

Surviving The Mob
is slated for hitting the book stores in the fall. This is one that you do not want to miss.

This morning I was reading a few pages and I started laughing, my wife Jan asked what was so funny, she had no idea what I was reading. I quoted a single sentence and asked her “who would say something like that”? Without hesitation she replied “Oh my, that has to be Andrew DiDonato, I can hear him talking”.

Surviving The Mob on BNN hopefully will be back in action next weekend. Till then, stay safe!

Simon Barrett

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