It is my great pleasure to host another radio program about life in the Mob. I have to admit that before I became acquainted with author and crime writer Denny Griffin my knowledge of the Mob was zero, it was based solely on Hollywood’s portrayal of it, which, as it turns out is not particularly accurate.

Several weeks ago I was introduced to en ex mob member, Andrew DiDonato, he was part of the New York based Gambino family. Last week I was introduced to ‘Joe’, also an ex mob member, and one who for personal security reasons prefers not to reveal his real name.

I find that the more that I talk to people like Denny, Andrew and Joe, the more questions I have.

On Saturday at 1pm central we will be exploring some of those questions. Both Andrew DiDonato and Joe were in the Witness Protection Program. A program that is far from what Hollywood and most novels would have us believe. They both had to pay for their crimes by spending time incarcerated. The problem is, word can travel fast, and if there is a price on your head, inevitably there is someone who will cash in, even if you are behind bars. How do the Feds keep everyone safe?

Another question that I will be posing is how the family is organized, what is the pecking order? In my many discussions with Andrew DiDonato about the Gambino and other families he refers frequently to the term ‘Crew’. As best I can tell this is a subset of family members (at the foot soldier level) that form a kind of team. But how big it is, and what its function may be, well I am still a little in the dark.

This should be an interesting program, and we will have the phone lines open for your questions.

To tune in, just use this link.

Joining me to explore this area that people know so little about will be crime writer and author Denny Griffin and ex Gambino crime family member Andrew DiDonato.

Simon Barrett

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