Much to the relief of the Corn Refiners Association, this week the team of Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks and Simon Barrett will not be plumbing the dark depths of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Well not much…

Our guest this week is Tom German, he is a farmer from Iowa, and using organic methods raises beef cattle, lambs, chickens and a very small dairy operation. Big Ag views him as gnat. His farm is only 400 acres. Probably to the disgruntlement of Monsanto, he does not use ’round up ready’ seeds, animals, or genetically modified stuff of any description.

I am not sure that I would bill Tom German as an activist, he merely wants to offer consumers a choice. However he has become somewhat of a name in the organic world. Legislation is in front of Iowa lawmakers that could well effect Tom and people like him.

Tom does not want to take over the world, he merely wants to offer choices. If your choice is GMO corn forced fed beef, then fine. If you are happy with anemic looking eggs that have no flavor, fine. If you really enjoy synthetic milk, fine.

The point is… the consumer makes the choice. This has nothing to do with price, it is just choice.

Choice however is something that Big AG seems to hate. They would much prefer to put Tom under far stricter rules than they have to play under. Tom has a few Chicken eggs. Tom didn’t have to recall over 500,000,000 because of health dangers. Oh and by the way, do you know what happened to the 1.7 eggs per person in the US that were recalled? They were not fit for human consumption, but the food industry could use them! Whats in that donut you are eating?

I happen to like milk, well I used to like it. It had taste, and when my mother wasn’t watching I would skim the cream from the top! Todays milk is different. Have we improved on the cow? One can only assume we have. This white watery stuff is the way to go?

Again it comes down to consumer choice. No fat, Low Fat, 1%, 2%, if you like it, I say buy it. If you love the added extras (chemicals) I say buy it. What could be wrong with a glass of milk with stuff in it you can’t even pronounce. The answer is ‘nothing’.

It is all about choice.

I doubt that many people would disagree with me. You choose the clothes that you wear, you choose the friends that you hang out with. You choose everything. So how come we don’t have this with food?

I have to admit that any three letter government payed organization beginning with the letter ‘F’ disturbs me. The FAA have sleeping aircraft controllers, the FCC is little more than a Golden parachute for execs involved in the telecommunications biz, and the FDA makes me speechless.

My absolutely favorite FDA story sounds like a joke, but it is not. The FDA finally caved in to independent studies and declared certain Food Colorings carcinogenic. They can no longer be used. Big Food responds with, but we have at least 40 years of the stuff stockpiled. The FDA ruled…. OK, the stuff is banned, but hell, if you have 40 years of stock, it would be unfair to make you destroy it. So, the deal is. you can use up your supply, you just can not buy any more of it.

This is akin to telling a Shotgun serial killer that once his supply of 12 gauge shells get used up he is not allowed to buy more.  ”Sheriff I only have 4000 more cartridges” . “OK, but once they are gone you can’t kill anyone else”.

I do hope that you will join us tomorrow for what might be a very exciting program. To listen in, please use this link.

Simon Barrett

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