On Saturday Mar/26 at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks and Simon Barrett will be on the air once again with another in our series Surviving The 21st Century, a program dedicated to the subject of health and nutrition in our modern world.

Over the course of the last few weeks we have looked at Factory Farming, or to use the more politically correct term CAFO (Confined Animal Feed Operations) in some depth. It has become abundantly clear that the CAFO style of animal husbandry has some serious drawbacks, there are health and environmental issues that can not be ignored. While the subject of huge man made lagoons filled to capacity with animal excrement sounds like the stuff of school boy humor, it is in fact a large environmental and health hazard. The potential for ground water contamination is huge! There are also concerns over health issues for both the workers in a CAFO and the people who live in the vicinity.

The CAFO suporting lobby explain that this type of farming is needed in order to meet the ever increasing food requirements of a growing population.

Not everyone is in agreement. Tomorrow on Surviving The 21st Century we will have two special guests, Dr. Francis Thicke and Jim Rubiss. Both have very strong commitments to the sustainable farming movement.

Jim was born on a farm but chose to attend college and become a librarian in the town of Fairfield, Iowa.  When the time came, he retired back to the farm where he farms 10,000 acres in Iowa.

Along with Jim we have his good friend Dr. Francis Thicke who has been a guest on our show before.  Dr. Thicke is a farmer, scientist and educator, He is also an advocate and expert on sustainable farming.

Dr. Thicke operates an 80-cow, grass-based, organic dairy near Fairfield, Iowa where they produce bottled milk, cheese and yogurt from their own cows and market them through grocery stores and restaurants in their local community.

On Surviving The 21st Century we tend to highlight all that is bad, CAFO, Genetically engineered seeds, the use of pesticides, and additives to our food, to name but a few. It is a real pleasure to run a program where we can focus on the light, rather than the dark side of our food chain.

Please join us at 10am pacific, 1pm eastern to learn more about sustainable farming practices. Use this link to listen live.

Simon Barrett

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