Last week Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks, and I had a very special guest on the program, well known movie and TV actor Patrick Kilpatrick. I am sure that many people wondered what a famous actor and producer could possibly be doing on a radio program about health and nutrition?

Patrick himself gave the ultimate answer:

Try doing fight scenes with the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme 18 hours a day for days on end, you have to be fit

Patrick has appeared in around 120 movies, often in the role of the ‘bad guy’, Van Damn, Steven Seagal,  Bruce Willis, and Tom Cruise have all have all ‘punished’ him on the silver screen. Sure, this is just acting, but you do still get hurt in the process.

A fight scene is a carefully choreographed dance, but it is easy to become a cast member of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ if you miss one vital body movement and the punch lands.

Fitness and health are key, Patrick Kilpatrick believes that the building blocks come from what you eat. For some 45 years he has been a follower of the Organic Food movement. No, that does not mean that he lives on a diet of Bean Sprouts and Nut Burgers. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. He likes his food as much as anyone else. He is merely careful of its origins.

I asked him about the growing obesity issue that we are facing in the western world:

Addiction, it is a food addiction.

This is a sentiment that is very much shared by Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks. Their latest book, It’s Not Your Fault explores the food addiction problem in depth.

I was interested in Patrick Kilpatrick’s views on life on a movie set. Much of what he had to say came as somewhat of a surprise to me. The man in the street tends to think of the Hollywood life being one where a whole bunch of people lollygag around a set for hours on end waiting their turn for 30 seconds of camera time. Patrick assured me that that was not the case, when shooting a movie actors often work 18 or 20 hour days.

If you are not in front of the camera, you are rehearsing the next scene or learning the lines for an upcoming scene. A movie may take over a year from start to premiere. But often the actual shooting is done at breakneck speed. Studio costs have escalated over the years making it vital to optimize time and manpower.

Patrick Kilpatrick also surprised me on the subject of food on the movie sets. I had previously talked with Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks about this particular subject. As a Hollywood lawyer and also the son of restaurateurs he has spent much time on movie sets, in fact as a young man his job was to deliver fresh home cooked meals to ‘on location’ sites. Nutritious and delicious fare! Ashley F. Brooks is an R.N. by trade, but what you may not know is that she is also an actress who has appeared in a number of movies. Her memories of food on the set are not nearly as glowing.

As an organic eater I was most curious to hear what Patrick Kilpatrick would say on the subject. I think a fair summary is that tier one directors demand the very best for the cast and crew, food is a moral booster, and moral is vital. Serving cold soggy pizza is a slap in the face for all concerned. On the rare occasion when he finds himself on a ‘pizza’ set his solution is to bring his own food.

Although Surviving The 21st Century is primarily a health and nutrition program we could not help but stray off topic. We are darn good it! Prior to the program I knew only of Patrick Kilpatrick from his movies and TV appearances, there is however a whole different world to this man. His work ethics and his life ethics are to be admired. Much of his time is consumed with charitable works, helping those less fortunate than himself. The amount of money he has raised over the years is in the $millions. At the moment he is very busy preparing for the annual Hollywood Celebrity Clay’s event. Last years coverage can be found here.  At the time we went to air the technical guys were busy getting Web Sites and ticket ordering systems running. I will be putting up and article about this great event as soon as everything is in place.

Patiick also graciously invited Mannie, Ashley and myself to attend the event.

It was a great pleasure to talk to Patrick Kilpatrick he is a man of honor and a man who is truly trying to make a difference.

If you missed the original broadcast you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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