The team of Mannie Barling, Ashley F Brooks and Simon Barrett decided to focus our attention on sugar.

The propaganda arm of the High Fructose Corn Syrup industry is the Corn Refiners Association. Their current hogwash is the slogan Sugar is Sugar. In their eyes it matters not where the sugar comes from, sugar is sugar, all sugar is the same. Cane sugar, Beet Sugar, Corn sugar, they are all identical.

This is a clearly ridiculous statement. It does not take a bunch of PhD’s to figure out that there are substantial differences.

Today’s sugar marketplace is further complicated by the seemingly endless number of artificial sweeteners on the market.

The question that we asked ourselves was what are the pro’s and con’s of these different sugars? Are some sugars better for you than others? Or was  the question are some sugars less harmful than others?

In some respects sugar is one of the seven deadly sins hell hidden by Big Food. It joins the ranks of MSG, Sodium, and other additives. For those of you inclined to math, the remaining three deadly sins are, truth in labeling (Particularly GMO use), independent research, and political power.

The story of sugar is a complex one, What role does it play in the alarming rise in obesity rates of recent years? Or the dramatic increase in diabetes?

Obesity in the US cannot be ignored. The stats are showing that it is occurring in younger and younger children. About a year or so ago I was invited to a local high school for a meeting. I was quite frankly shocked by what I saw. It was a feat of engineering hat the buildings foundation did not collapse with all of the weight!

Diabetes is another area of concern, but as Mannie and Ashley correctly pointed out, this problem may have some roots on profits for Big Pharma rather than be a growing trend. By persuading the medical industry to lower the acceptable rates for blood sugar levels, you increase the number of customers for your products. It may sound cynical but it makes a great deal of sense.

If you missed the live broadcast of this episode of Surviving The 21st Century you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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