On Saturday Apr/9 the panel from Surviving The 21st Century, Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks, and Simon Barrett will be putting this question to the test.

The Corn Refiners Association, a Washington DC based, industry funded, lobbying group would have us believe that there is no difference between Cane Sugar and a substance called HFCS derived from GMO corn. To the best of my knowledge this is the same corn that is unfit for human consumption and generally used as animal feed or converted into the gasoline alternative Ethanol.

The Lobbying group has been spending a considerable amount of time and money on persuading the US consumers that Sugar is Sugar.

The video link is here. 

Alas the CRA does not see fit to allow the video to be embedded, I wonder why not?

What is interesting in this advert is the absolute absence of anyone with credentials! The line ‘experts say’ is far different from ‘I am a doctor/researcher/expert’.

I wonder why they cannot lure a tame expert? Do ‘hired gun’ researchers have a line that they will not cross?

Meanwhile, I do like my sugar. And my favorite comes from 1969, the Archies playing their one and only number one hit ‘Sugar Sugar’. So this is for the CRA, and all the proponents of HFCS.

I do hope that you will join us for our program tomorrow, it will air at 10am pacific and 1pm eastern. To listen live, just use this link.

Simon Barrett

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