This week on Surviving The 21st Century the team of Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks and Simon Barrett will be picking from where we left off last week. Link is here. While the Corn Refiners Association would have the general public believe that there is no difference between real sugar (cane sugar) and Frankensugar brewed from GMO corn (not fit nor designed for human consumption) the scientific world seems to differ. HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is viewed by many researchers as a major factor in the nations growing obesity problem.

In the 60’s and 70’s we used the rather euphemistic phrase ‘Middle Age Spread’, a reference aimed at folks in their 40’s and 50’s that had lost their svelte athletic figure of youth and gained a pound or two around their tummy region.

Today it is not ‘Middle age spread’ but ‘Middle-School Spread’.

A partial explanation of the problem can be found in lifestyle changes that have occurred, We live in a TV and gadget oriented world. The fittest muscles on the average teenager are found in their thumbs from texting and playing video games!

A much more serious contributor to the obesity problem in our children is diet. The traditional food pyramid has been replaced by a new a simpler one. There are only three food groups. The fast food fried Burger group, the French Fry group, and the Soda group. A truly unholy trinity!

All three of the new food groups have commonalities, it is almost certain that HFCS, MSG, and Sodium are involved. I am occasionally asked if I would like something from McDonalds, (or wherever), and my favorite response is ‘no thanks, I’ll just eat the paper bag yours comes in, it’s more nutritious’.

Joining us on tomorrows program will be Heather Matthews, a personal trainer, and a lady that has some very strong opinions on the subject of food. Heather is married to syndicated radio host Rodney Ballance, who was our guest a couple of weeks ago. Although Rodney is into the world of finance rather than nutrition, he had some rather terse words to share about what was happening with our food supply. If you missed the program the recording is here.

Please join us tomorrow for what I am sure will be an interesting discussion. To listen live, please use this link.

Simon Barrett

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