This week on Surviving The 21st Century we will be exploring the murky world of food labels. It seemed like such a great idea when the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) demanded that packaged food be labeled with information that included a list of ingredients in the product, and what was called the RDA value. RDA is short for Recommended Daily Allowance, this represents by percentage the amount of nutritional value a particular food item has. How much fat, protein, Carbs, and Sodium form the key components, others seem to almost come and go at the whim of the manufacturer.

A producer of frozen orange concentrate will include the amount of Vitamin C, while a fish cannery might opt for Vitamin D.

The big question is, how accurate, and how useful is the RDA data? To complicate matters, there is neither a universal standard nor even a name for it. RDA, RDV, or just DV are common derivations. DV standing for the simple term Daily Value. The loss of the ‘R’ bothers me a little. What is wrong with the word Recommended?

Who decided to drop ‘recommended’ and why?

There is also the question of what does RDA (or its other variations) really mean?

A good example is Sodium, the US Heart Association claims that the daily intake should be 1500mg, the UK’s equivalent to the FDA says 1600mg, while the FDA says 2400mg. Who is right?

I would have to reach really deep into my research to find a case of death by too much Vitamin C by OD’ing on OJ, but it does not take long to cite Sodium (salt) as a major contributing factor in many premature departures from this world!

I will be joined on the program by my regular panel, the writing and research team of Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks.

I am sure this will be a great program. While RDA’s are the prime subject, I know that we will also have the recipe of the week, shopping tips, and more than one Mannie excursion into the world of the bizarre!

Mannie and I talk in the phone several times a week, my wife just gives me the ‘oh this will be at least an hour’ look.

Oh, in case you missed last weeks adventure, we have the recording here. The recipe of the week was a BBQ adventure, I liked it. While Chicken and Ground Beef might not sound like bedfellows, they are, check it out.

I do hope that you will join us for our next program, all you have to do is use this link.

Simon Barrett

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