In the first part of the broadcast we discussed the health issues caused by the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf region. In our second segment we took a look at another potential ecological disaster, GMO Salmon.

The FDA are currently considering the question of permitting GMO Salmon to be farmed for human consumption. Many people might just say, who cares? Well, everyone should care, there are some very serious implications with this issue.

I am not a scientist, so please forgive my layman’s terms. Atlantic Salmon are a very important food source, they are caught ‘wild’ and also farmed. The fish farmers would prefer the Salmon to grow faster, it would increase profits.

Joining me in the discussion were the husband and wife team of Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks.

Salmon in the wild do not grow year round, they only grow for a few months. This process is controlled through their naturally occurring growth hormone. The wizards in the laboratory have tweaked the Salmon, they have added part of the DNA from a Coho Salmon, specifically the growth hormone. However the growth hormone needs to have a trigger for it to operate year round, this is achieved by adding in some DNA from an eel like creature called an Ocean Pout.

The end result is a Salmon grows at least twice as fast as in it’s natural cousin.

I asked my panel, the husband and wife team of researchers and writers, Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks their thoughts on the subject. They brought up many important factors that need consideration.

I tend to view the HufPo as more of a political vehicle than an ecological one, but this article caught my attention The 10 Freakiest Things About Frankenfish by Ronnie Cummins.

I find the idea of Fish Pharming very disturbing. You do not have to even fiddle with DNA to see the consequences of introducing non native species into a habitat. Parts of Louisiana are dealing with the Super Rat, aka Nutria. The Mississippi river system is dealing with the Chinese Silver Carp, and the Great Lakes region are fighting the Zebra Muscle. These three species are decimating the local environment, but other than the occasional TV documentary, they really do not draw much national attention. However, if you get the opportunity to talk to someone from Australia, ask them about Rabbits! The friendly Easter Bunny has created an ecological disaster.

The proposed GMO Altantic Salmon is just a disaster waiting to happen. The Pharmers insist that the fish will be kept within the Pharms, but all it will take is one in the wild, and all bets are off. The natural population will be decimated within a few short years. I am not a fan of horror movies, but this Deep Blue Sea waiting to be remade.  In the movie the last remaining super shark met his end through the use of explosives. In the case of Frankenfish, it may already be too late.

A salmon that grows 12 months a year, is a salmon that eats 12 months a year. Salmon are cannibalistic by nature. Once the normal food sources have been exhausted they will fall back on eating what they can find.

Our discussion about Frankenfish started about one hour into the broadcast. A little bit of ‘mouse’ work should find it.

Emanuel Barling, Jr., Esq. and Ashley F. Brooks, R.N. authors of Arthritis, Inflammation, Gout, Crohn’s, IBD and IBS – How to Eliminate Pain and Extend your Life and Mannie’s Diet and Enzyme Formula – A Change of Lifestyle Diet Designed for Everyone available at, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other booksellers around the world. The authors’ latest book, It’s Not Your Fault! Weight Gain, Obesity and Food Addiction will be available for the 2010 holidays.

Simon Barrett

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