As a book reviewer I am always on the hunt for what I class as an expert. I found not one, but two experts in the husband and wife team of Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks. At first glance their books may not sound like best sellers. Who wants to hear about yet another diet? The world is awash in diets! From all you can eat cabbage soup, to a staple of pounds of fried bacon at every opportunity.

The word ‘diet’ itself has also changed its meaning over the past several decades. Today it invariably is used in conjunction with ‘weight loss’, but that is not the true meaning. Diet is about health and wellness. A side effect may well involve weight loss, but it is not the primary goal.

In 1997 Mannie Barling was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. His body was playing host to two golf ball sized growths that were gradually killing him. His wife Ashley also suffered a life threatening problem. Both are survivors, and those chapters in their lives are hopefully closed.

What they did discover after this ‘close encounter of the terminal kind’ was that while modern medicine is wonderful, there is much that an individual can do to supplement it.

After surgery Mannie Barling discover that while the Cancer had disappeared, he now suffered from a long list of other problems. Arthritis, Gout, Crohn’s disease, IBD, and IBS, are just a few.

This husband and wife team went to work. There was a solution, they just had to find it. One major area that they keyed in on was food. Many people have used the quote ‘You are what you eat’, this actually is a very true statement.

If I remember that statistics correctly, something like 30% of adult Americans suffer from some form of inflammation. That includes Arthritis, Gout, Crohn’s, Colitis, IBD, and IBS. Oh and that does not include the silent inflammation killers, Heart Attacks and Strokes.

Our first radio broadcast was far ranging in its scope. We covered a huge amount of ground, and we did not even scratch the surface!

If you listen to the program click here you will start to learn about the world we live in.

Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks are on a mission, it is not so much about Arthritis, Colitis, Gout, or any of the other labels, it is about taking charge of your life.

What I love about this pair is the sense of humor they have. On and off air they are fun people to be around.

If for no other reason you should listen to this program to hear about my adventures with Roast Pork, Gravy, and Cauliflower! I doubt that either Mannie Barling or Ashley Brooks will be turning up on my doorstep anytime soon for a home made meal. The great news is…. it looks like we are going to have another program next Saturday. More on that soon!

Simon Barrett

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