One of the great joys of hosting the radio program Surviving The 21st Century is that I never know where the topics will lead. Today was a great example. A somewhat hurried phone call this morning with my co-conspirators Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks resulted in a consensus that we would start with a segment about the Enviropig.

I had always considered the Enviropig to be of human origin, the guy (or gal) who drops their litter wherever they may be, rather than taking the five steps to put it in a trash can. They informed me that this was an entirely different Enviropig. A Pig that was ‘greener’, more environmentally friendly (at least so the researchers claim), I was skeptical. What would be next, fat free bacon? Turkey bacon, Soy bacon, what was the world coming to?

On air Mannie and Ashley filled in the gaps. The Enviropig is the trademarked name for a GMO pig. This pig has been messed with so that it deals with phosphorous in a less wasteful manner than its natural cousins. It produces the same amount of poo as a normal pig, but (guessing here) it is a better class of poo.

It looks the same, it smells the same, but apparently it is a better poo!

To achieve this great scientific breakthrough the key is mice. Grafting some Mouse bits into a Pig you get the Enviropig! Both Canada and the US are considering commercial farming of the Enviropig. One can only wonder about Supermarket Labels. will the FDA adopt the same standard as they have for ground beef? 80% meat and 20% fat for regular, 90% meat and 10% fat for lean? In the Enviropig scenario they may be forced to give the Mouse content. AAA grade pork, less than 5% mouse by volume!

Of course more enterprising operations will play the opposite tactic. I can see the slogan already ‘You don’t have to ask, yes our Pork has mouse in it, the people have spoken and we have responded, people want mice, and we are happy to serve our customers’.

Give me a break! Do you want mouse in your pork?

Ashley F. Brooks brought up another disturbing line of research. In some ways the Holy Grail of medical research for the past couple of decades has been organ transplants. A relatively new research lne is to grow them rather than harvest them from (usually dead) donors. One line of research revolves around human sperm and pigs….

I don’t think that I will offer further comment.

If you missed the live program, I do suggest that you listen to the recording. You can find it here.

The odd thing is that none of us are ‘tree huggers’, we like our meat, we like almost everything that is edible, but we like to choose the items on our dinner plates. Glow in the dark steaks, or Pork Tenderloin with Mouse just does not do it!

Simon Barrett

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