MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup were the subject of discussion on our regular Saturday radio program. Joining me to discuss and explain the implications of these food additives were the husband and wife research and writing team of Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks.

I must confess that I do enjoy working with Mannie and Ashley, in the past few weeks I have learned more about nutrition, pollution, and health than I have in the previous 54 years of being a ‘card carrying’ member of the planet Earth!

There is an old saying, you are what you eat. And quite frankly what we eat in our modern society worries me greatly. Early yesterday morning I was watching CNN, it was a segment of health and nutrition. Specifically about the health benefits of eating organic foods. The interviewer went down the familiar yellow brick road of how organic food is viewed as being much more expensive than the same product found in your local mega-mart. The guest on the segment took an approach to answering this question that I had not previously considered.

Food is the one thing that you buy that becomes part of you

What a great statement! A $500 cell phone or a $30,000 car are just status symbols. Whereas the food you eat  is a determining factor on your quality of life and longevity.

I had hoped to start the program with an update of the health situation in the Gulf region. The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill may no longer be headline news for the MSM (Main Stream Media), but it is certainly headline news for the people living in the area. Fisherman can not fish, the local economy is down the drain. Mortgages on houses and boats can not be paid. Multi-generational family businesses are collapsing. But that is just the beginning!

Health in the region is being effected by both the oil spill and the toxic dispersents used to ‘fix’ the problem.

Sometimes anecdotal data is more important that the ‘official’ government data. The reason that we were unable to bring a live update on the situation was because the two people we rely on were both sick. One hospitalized because of a pre-existing condition that most likely flared up as a result of the toxins.

Both Mannie and Ashley had a good deal to say on this subject!

Next we moved on to the subject of food additives. There are thousands of them, but I wanted to explore what I view as the two really bad boys of the bunch!

MSG created a name for itself back in the 1960’s. It was a relatively unknown entity, and one that was rarely encountered unless eating Chinese food. The effect of MSG on people garnered the name ‘Chinese Restaurant Syndrome’. A hue and cry ensued, MSG was bad!

I find it funny how the 1,000,000 lbs of MSG produced in the early 60’s has now grown into an annual production number estimated from 400 million, to 550 million lbs per year? Where is MSG? Simple, it is everywhere, oh, it hides behind the skirts of other products, but it is there.

The other Bad Boy is High Fructose Corn Syrup. The FDA estimates that the average adult consumes a whopping 37 lbs of it a year! Of course you have to understand that the FDA is largely just a mouthpiece for the food manufacturing industry. Much like their cousins in  the FCC they are more of a lobbying arm for the industry rather than an independent group looking after the well being of the man in the street.

The actual adult consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup is more likely 60 to 70 lbs per year.

One of the delights of having Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks on the program is that they make my life so easy. I throw in the raw meat, and this pair of lions leap into a feeding frenzy of facts and stats!

If you missed the live program, you can listen in to the recording here.

Emanuel Barling, Jr., Esq. and Ashley F. Brooks, R.N. authors of Arthritis, Inflammation, Gout, Crohn’s, IBD and IBS – How to Eliminate Pain and Extend your Life and Mannie’s Diet and Enzyme Formula – A Change of Lifestyle Diet Designed for Everyone available at, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other booksellers around the world. The authors’ latest book, It’s Not Your Fault! Weight Gain, Obesity and Food Addiction will be available for the 2010 holidays.

Simon Barrett

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