I spent most of last week mired in the CAFO world of BS (Factory Farming), it was a real pleasure to switch gears and have the opportunity to talk about the brighter side of food business.

As always my good friends the writing and research team of Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks joined me for the program. This week we were joined by Annemarie Cantrell who together with her husband Sam are the owners of Maysie’s Farm in Pennsylvania.

Sitting on 64 acres this operation is dedicated to the production of organic vegetables. To date they are using a little over 7 acres for the purpose, but I am sure that over time expansion will occur. Sam and Annemarie are far more than just farmers though. I would put them in the class of educational entrepreneurs.

From those seven acres come produce that supplies some 200 families, produce for sale in a couple of local farmers markets, and also produce for Annemarie’s thriving catering and culinary education company Cucina Verde (Green Garden).

As always the 90 minutes on air evaporated in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

One of the areas that came up for discussion is not one often associated with food and nutrition, autism. Is there a connection?

A mistake that is common in pseudo science is to take two disparate data sets and find a way to draw conclusions. A ridiculous example might be determining the severity of the upcoming hurricane season based on which football conference won the Superbowl. But I am sure that some enterprising statistician could prove the correlation.

The subject of Autism is an interesting and very disturbing one. As indeed is the whole ADHD and the rest of the alphabet soup used by the medical community to increasingly describe childhood behavior.

Autism was first recognized as a unique condition in the 1940’s. Statistics from the CDC show that between 1993 and 2003, there was an increase of 800% in diagnosed cases. Current estimates claim that 1 in 110 children born today will suffer from a form of Autism.

It might be junk science, but the early 1990’s marked the introduction of GMO food, and a huge increase in the use of fillers, corn byproducts and chemicals in our food.

Annemarie Cantrell prior to becoming a farmer and chef was a Special Ed Teacher. When she herself became sick from food allergies she noted great similarities between her own symptoms and those displayed by her young students.  Coincidence?

If you missed the live broadcast you can can catch the recording here.

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