We will be running what seems to becoming a regular radio event at noon central on Sept/11. My panel will be well known Hollywood Legal Eagle Mannie Barling and his wife Ashley Brooks R.N.

Both Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks have spent well over a decade researching our modern life. Much of it is problematic. This week we are going to be talking about what some might consider to be a boring subject, water. What is so important about a colorless, odorless liquid?

Water is our life blood, without it the Earth would become another desolate planet like Mars. It does not take much research to figure out that a huge percentage of our planet is water. The oceans are factories that sustain life on our planet. The water they contain is not what the human populace can digest. We rely on ‘fresh water’ this is free from the salt.

Fresh water is a rare commodity, it inevitably starts with the process of evaporation from the ocean which forms clouds, the clouds produce rain and snow, we have our salt free water. But do we?

In the early 80’s I heard the term ‘acid rain’. I did not pay too much attention, the rain looked just fine to me!

However the rain was not fine, the water contained impurities, particles that came from carbon emissions and other forms of man made pollution.

If this were not bad enough we further pollute the water once it hits the ground. Often the changes are subtle and take years to occur. In 1995 I returned to the small village that I had grown up in. This was my first visit in 15 years. As a child I had spent countless hours fishing the pristine chalk stream that flowed through it for the delightful small Brook Trout that inhabited it. This stream was every small boys dream. It was with a sense of helplessness that I retraced the footsteps of my youth.

The entire fabric of the stream had changed, the clear bubbly water with the white chalky bottom was now a silt ridden dead zone. No fish had lived in this stream for years, and no fish would likely ever live there again. What had happened? Cynically I will say ‘progress happened’. As the farmers had increased the use of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to increase yields, those chemicals leached into the stream, killing everything in its wake.

Those same chemicals make it into our drinking water. Of course we are told that our water has been treated. This is a fancy way of saying, we filtered the big problem pieces out, and we rendered the rest harmless by applying a bunch more chemicals!

Another huge culprit in polluting the water sources is an unlikely one, the pharmaceutical industry. I know that both Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks have a great deal of data on this subject, and they will be sharing some very disturbing information on the program.

As a Gulf resident I obviously care a great deal about the current situation concerning the BP disaster. In my mind we the gullible masses are being fed a real Crock of  ‘you know what’. I’ll paraphrase it:

The situation is under control, in fact it is pretty much fixed, life is great! However we also recommend that you don’t eat the fish for a few decades, and don’t go swimming in the water.

The people of Louisiana are a tough bunch and they are not taking this laying down, a grass roots movement is in full swing, in fact on Saturday they are holding a large event ‘The Battle For New Orleans‘. I am in contact with them and The Coastal Heritage Society Of Louisiana will be joining us on air to discuss the results of the water analysis that completed by an independent laboratory.   The results are very depressing. Because of the hectic day they face tomorrow it is not clear how many of the founders Joannie Hughes, Kindra Arnesen and Vicky Perrin will be able to join us on air.

Tomorrow also marks the anniversary of a very dark event in world history 9/11. We will be taking a look at the many health issues that are directly connected with this atrocity. There is a huge spike in respiratory, cancers, and other health issues in both the first responders and others that have been involved in the scene.

I do hope that you will be able to join us, for what is going to be a very interesting program. We will have the switchboard open if people have questions, or if you prefer you can email them in to zzsimonb@gmail.com

The direct link to the program is here, see you all tomorrow.

Simon Barrett

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