It takes quite a bit to shock me. I watch the TV news and day after day I see graphic pictures of the path of destruction that Mother Nature has left. Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, we have plenty of them. We even have the (more than required) Man Made Disasters. The BP/Transocean idiocy should be proof of that statement. By the way, you will all be relieved to hear that Tony Hayward has managed to ‘get his life back together’. The hot rumor (and you heard it first here) is that he has signed up with a publisher. It is going to be a tell all expose of the Gulf oil spill. The tentative title is:

Oil Spills For Dummies : How To Make Million$ While Others Starve

It was rumored that for a brief time he was flirting with:

Chicken Soup For The Out Of Work Fishermen

For some reason the Chicken Soup people just didn’t want to pick up on the project.

It takes ‘balls’ to take on a project like Tony Hayward has been rumored to take on. A book is no easy task. It is not something that before you can say ‘Deepwater Horizon’ it is written.

My guess is that his balls are about as large as any in existence, his suits have to be custom made to fit them.

But, in the grand scheme of things Tony is a gnat on the pimple of the ass of a pig.

The people with the big balls run what we call CAFO’s, in plain speak, Factory Farms. Just how big are their balls?

Try This:


Now thems some nads! GMO nads! But nads to be proud of!

There is some speculation that this picture may form the central point of a new Industry Lobbying group (based in Washington DC). Before long we will be hearing lots from the North American Developed Swine (NADS) people.

They are going to put a new meaning to ‘pork’ in a bill. And i’ll be honest with you, I think they have the balls to try it!

The ‘natural nads’ movement clearly has an uphill battle. GMO nads are so much bigger. This is a battle that only the consumer can answer. Do you want your nads supersized?

I do hope that you got a good chuckle out of this article, that was my intention. On a more serious note, please join us tomorrow for the next in our series Surviving The 21st Century, a look at health and nutrition in our modern world.

Simon Barrett

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