I have spent several days contemplating if I should, or should not write this article. I am not a ‘tree hugger’, Vegan, nor a member of any ‘activist’ group. I am just a regular person.

My wife and I go the supermarket, and like every other family we try to find the best deals. If your budget is $100 you shop carefully. Sometimes Chicken is the best deal, sometimes Pork.Once in a great while it may even be Beef.

More often than not it is pork that we end up with in our freezer. There are endless ways of cooking pork, My wife goes for the breaded and fried pork chops, I prefer the Mexican luxurious dish, Carnitas (real thing if far different from the stuff in restaurants).

The key point here is that Jan and I consume quite a lot of Pork. I am not naive as to where our Pork comes from. It comes from major suppliers. I have no illusions of little piglets frolicking in a grassy meadow, but I had always thought that these animals were at least raised in a humane manner.

It would seem that I was wrong. I do not know how to word this warning to readers. The horror in this video is far beyond anything that Hollywood could invent.

Please only watch this only if you understand the graphic and brutal nature of the CAFO world.


Pig Hell

Simon Barrett

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