We will be broadcasting our regular program at 1pm eastern on Saturday Oct/16. The panel will consist of the research and writing team Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks.

For the past several weeks we have been focusing our attention on specific topics, Salt, Water, Food Additives etc, and how these ‘taken for granted’ items have harmful long term effects on the human body.

In 1997 Mannie Barling received the dire news that he had cancer. I cannot imagine what was going through his mind when he was told this news, for so many it has been a death sentence!

The medical experts explained that there was good news, the cancer was operable, the removal of a small portion of what they considered an unimportant part of the colon would resolve the problem, he would be as good as new, once more terrorizing the court rooms of Southern California.

Unfortunately that was not the case. What for many years had merely been an irritation to him, blossomed into Arthritis, Gout, Crohn’s, and other medical mayhem. Both Mannie and his wife Ashley Brooks (a Registered Nurse) had, and still have, great respect for the medical world, but as the pills and potions increased they began to wonder if there were other avenues open.

Their labors have resulted in two books with a third nearing completion. Arthritis, Inflamation, Gout, Crohn’s, IBD and IBS is a wonderful resource for understanding the nature of the problems, and Mannie’s Diet and Enzyme Formula shows strategies for eliminating the problems through dietary choices.

I am sure that some people might say, Oh, another diet book that is going to reduce the eating experience to plates of bland, expensive, and hard to find items that the supermarket does not stock, and I can’t pronounce anyway!

Not so! On last weeks program I asked them to share a recipe that would feed a family of four and could be prepared quickly. There was no hesitation, Mannie Barling selected Pork Tenderloin. The recipe was so tasty sounding that I asked him to send me a copy. Try it, this is some yummy eating!

On Saturday we will exploring the core findings in their 13 years of research, we will also be touching on some unfinished business from earlier programs. I want to delve more into my pet peeve about Nutrition labeling on products. To misquote a famous potato chip advert, who can eat just one portion?  I also know that Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks have much more to say about High Fructose Corn Syrup. I will even go so far as to offer a teaser, could it be in the IV drip that your loved one is receiving in the hospital?

Time permitting, I have a hunch that Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks will be sharing their recent investigative results concerning a growth hormone used on cattle.

Surviving The 21st Century is a program that is picking up traction, I recommend that you tune in on Saturday Oct/16 at 1pm eastern, it will be lively! This is the link to listen live.

We also encourage people to call in with their questions, the switchboard will be open shortly after the program starts,  our number is 646-378-1120.

See you all on Saturday .

Simon Barrett

Emanuel Barling, Jr., Esq. and Ashley F. Brooks, R.N. authors of Arthritis, Inflammation, Gout, Crohn’s, IBD and IBS – How to Eliminate Pain and Extend your Life and Mannie’s Diet and Enzyme Formula – A Change of Lifestyle Diet Designed for Everyone available at HowToEliminatePain.com, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other booksellers around the world. The authors’ latest book, It’s Not Your Fault! Weight Gain, Obesity and Food Addiction will be available for the 2010 holidays.

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