This week on Surviving The 21st Century the team of Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks and Simon Barrett, once more waded into the ‘sewer’ of modern food.

My wife Jan asked me an interesting question earlier this week. How do you know if something in your freezer is part of a recall?

Actually this simple question is far more complex than it appears. Unless a recall makes National News the chances are that the average consumer would have no idea. How many people can you name that spend hours online navigating the messy websites of the FDA or USDA to find the recalls? They hardly make it easy! How many times have you received a phone call from your local supermarket (The one that has your phone number because you gave it to them when you signed up for the discount card)? Don’t you find it odd? They know what we buy, and use that data for advertising purposes, but don’t think that they should inform us of products that could potentially kill us?

Jan’s question was at a more simplistic and practical level. There is just Jan and I, we shop frugally. We like to save money, and one way that this can be done is by buying in bulk. Of course our idea of bulk probably would not work for a larger family, but the principle remains the same.

It is cheaper to buy a 4lb pack of ground beef than four 1lb packages. When we get home we split it into 4 equal portions, we put each one into a freezer bag and write on the purchase date. Pop them in the freezer, and we are done.

We use this same plan with Pork Chops, and even roasts, if they are ‘bone in’ we ask the guy behind the meat counter to whizz it through the band saw (nobody has ever refused to do this, nor have I ever been charged anything).

So what happens when there is a recall? Jan had a very valid question, we had some ground beef in the freezer, the store that we bought it at was one of the store chains mentioned in the recall.

What should we do?

The product is not in its original packaging. We have no idea if the product in our freezer is part of the recall.  The manufacturer recommends that if the package has been opened, the consumer should throw it out.

Tossing it in the garbage is the simple solution, however many people are on very limited budgets, throwing away $15 of meat may mean eating or not eating dinner for a couple of days.

Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks had much to say on this subject in the first segment of the program. Their answers might surprise you, there are solutions, and they are simple. You can catch the entire program here.

Simon Barrett

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