We will be running our regular Saturday program, Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks will be broadcasting from their home in Los Angeles, however I will broadcasting from Biloxi, Mississippi. I have to help in consuming 130lbs of fresh caught, and GMO free Crawfish, yummy potatoes and corn, I can smell it already!

I was going to miss this great event because of the planned radio broadcast. But my good friend and Brother in Law Rob has fixed the problem! We will be broadcasting from Rob’s mobile Command, Control, and Communications Center. I promise to publish pictures!

While the focus of the broadcast will be on food labels I will be in the dark, Fresh caught Crawfish don’t come with an ingredient list other than Crawfish! There are 150 ingredients in a Hungry Man dinner, there approximately 145 less in a Crawfish boil! And I know which I would  prefer.

Please join us at 10am pacific, 1pm eastern to listen in to me slurping down Crawfish. To listen in live please use this link.

On a more serious note we will be exploring the very murky world of food recalls, and how the industry hides many nasty little secrets.

Simon Barrett

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