Almost everything you buy comes with a labels. They are designed for our health and safety, right? Well I am sure that the basic idea was to be helpful and informative, but are they really?

Some pieces of advice are asinine. I have for many years wondered why for many years a bed mattress carried the dire warning ‘Removal of this label is a criminal offense’, or words to that effect. Quite what the warning label was designed to achieve is no doubt the subject of discussion on many conspiracy web sites. Other labels are equally thought provoking, one of my favorites was found on an iron-on t-shirt transfer, it stated “Do not iron while wearing shirt.”

I would agree that this is sage advice!

There is little doubt though that my favorite label was found on a childrens car seat “Remove child before folding”

Yes these are hugely amusing little stories, but there is a much more serious aspect, and one that just seems to be ignored by many people.

When it comes to food products the art of labels has reached and exceeded those of the the mere mortals that make bedding products, iron-on T-shirt transfers, or safety seats for children. Labels have reached new highs in not exactly telling the consumer what is in the package.

There is a well known potato chip company that espoused the line “who can eat just one’?  Of course they are right. Who can stop at just one? On closer examination of the bag we discover that the food label suggests that this tiny bag contains multiple servings!

By fiddling with the serving size the industry effectively hoodwinks the consumer. By making the serving size smaller the impact of the ‘bad ingredients’ such as salt is lessened.

Labels are just one of the subjects that Mannie Barling, Ashley Brooks and Simon Barrett with be discussing on live radio at 1pm eastern.

There is little doubt the subject of GMO food will also be on the list.



I hope that you will be able to join us, here is the link.

Simon Barrett

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