This week on Surviving The 21st Century was a little different from our regular health and nutrition program. Joining my regular panel of the writing and research team of Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks was a musician, Jaime Michaels.

I am always amazed at the way life has this uncanny habit of working out to be fortuitous accidents.

A subject that we have discussed on several occasions on the program is not just the economic impact of the Deep Horizon BP oil disaster in the Gulf region, but the long term health impacts it will have on the residents in the area.

Jaime Michaels is not a Gulf region resident, he is a well known folk singer, or as he calls it Guitar Slinger from Sante Fe, New Mexico, he does however care a great deal about the aftermath from the Deep Horizon disaster. He has released a CD single Black River about the Gulf problem. A song that was penned following watching an interview with a Gulf fisherman who had lost his livelihood.

What caught my attention was that Jaime Michaels had decided to donate the profits to the Gulf recovery. But I was wrong, and Jaime set me straight. The musicians donated their time, the photographer donated the cover art, and the post production team also worked for free. It is not profits being donated, but all proceeds. There are few costs other than postage that are being taken out. At $3, this is a wonderful Christmas gift. Order your copy from

Music has rarely been a major part of our Surviving The 21st Century series and my plan was to spend only the first 20-25 minutes with Jaime. Of course that plan went out of the window!

Jaime Michaels is a very health conscious man. He openly admits that he views his wife as the ‘Food Police’. It was great to listen to Mannie and Ashley as they explored his eating habits. It is hard to eat well while on the road, but Jaime has a theory. He takes his own food with him, and shops only at organic stores while on the road. He also pointed out that it is possible to find local eateries in almost every town that rely on local produce. They may not have the Organic label, but it is a sure sign that you are eating food that has not been processed.

If you missed the live program you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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