Last week on Surviving The 21st Century we took a long hard look at the use of Soy products in modern food. Very much the consensus of my panel, the writing and research team of Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks was that Soy was an inherently bad food product in large amounts regardless of its pedigree. This was also confirmed by noted expert Dr. Daniel C. Dantini on a previous show. The proliferation of GMO Soy has done nothing but add new levels of concern. If you missed last week’s broadcast a link to the recording can be found here.

During the past week a comment was left on one of our Soy articles that piqued my interest. The panel went into investigative mode. The author purported himself to be one Dr. Andrew Weil.

I have the greatest respect for the medical profession, however there was something about Dr. Weil that set off alarm bells. Since when did Doctors operate web sites selling ‘Soy Nuts’, in fact, what the hell is a ‘Soy Nut’? Presumably they grow on Soy Nut trees?

Even the toothless FDA does not recommend that Soy be consumed in any significant quantity, 25 grams per day, which is equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee or “cuppa” tea. But Dr. Weil promotes the consumption of high amounts of Soy despite mountains of medical research showing its dangers.

Is Dr. Weil one of those ‘independent’ industry funded experts? A shill?

Big Food and Big Pharma pay Big Bucks to fund research that is supportive of their business interests. One only has to look at the story behind VIOXX to see how this works. I don’t usually cite Wikipedia, in my mind it is about as reliable as the FDA site. However in this case the article is accurate, medical shills were employed to ‘ramp up’ the drug. So, is Dr. Andrew Weil an industry shill for the Soy industry?

I certainly have no intentions of wasting the entire program on some wienie selling nuts online, but I do think that Dr. Weil does need to be discussed. I also offer an open invitation to Dr. Weil to join us live at 1 PM eastern on Saturday. The phone number is 646-378-1120.

There is little doubt that that Dr. Soy will be reading this article, so, here is a little joke for you:

What is the difference between Soy Nuts and Deer Nuts?

Well Soy Nuts are $4:99 plus shipping, Deer Nuts are still under a Buck…..

To listen live either point your browser to a few minutes before 1 PM the program will be on the front page, alternatively you can link direct here.

I smell the blood of a Pharma Man

Be he alive, or be he dead
I’ll grind his bones to make my GMO bread


Simon Barrett



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