Once again the team of Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks, and Simon Barrett got around the virtual table to talk about the state of health and nutrition and health in our modern world.

One thing that is very clear is that the GMO folks have moved into high gear, maybe more accurately a higher gear. Apparently anyone that is not buying into the GMO revolution is an Anti Science Hippie. You know that you have an opponent on the ropes when they are out of  fight and resort to good old name calling! When most of Europe rejected GMO, the mantra was ‘those Europeans are just emotional’, now that US consumers are just as unhappy the deal is that we are Anti Science Hippies! What a load of Manure Lagoon!

Of great interest this week is the rather curious Think Tank by the name of New England Complex Systems Institute.

According to their write up they are investment futurists. As Mannie points out ‘investment futurist’ is a curious term. One that fits some Wall Street analysts better than a think tank that is supposed to be involved with food and nutrition.

So who funds this group? Of course the official line is that they are a purely academic group. But, someone has to pick up the tab! They obviously have some pull, they have managed to get a .edu internet domain. Funny really, I used to teach a course on safe internet browsing, my line was ‘if the site address ends in .edu or .gov you are safe’, apparently I was wrong! I would normally put a link to a site or article that I am talking about, but I just don’t want to give them the publicity.

The NSF (National Science Foundation) had this snippet to share:

The award, $2,867,668 spread out over five years, provides funds for graduate student stipends, travel, seminar speakers and interdisciplinary course development. It contains activities and research opportunities in partnership with the New England Complex Systems Institute

Whats so damn complex about growing food?

But lets face it a Half a million bucks a year buys a lot of good press for the GMO world.

We are still digging in the Manure Lagoon that calls itself The New England Complex Systems Institute, but the only thing Complex about it seems to be the money trail!

Think Tanks are like Fish Tanks, someone has to buy the fish, someone needs to feed them, and someone needs to clean the crap out periodically. So who are these nice people throwing money at them? And to what purpose?

Mannie, Ashley and I, have better things to do than waste our time on Fish Think Tanks, but I am sure that this Fish Tank will be the subject of further discussion.

This was only one part of our program, so if you missed the original broadcast, you can listen to the entire program here.

Simon Barrett
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