A surveying company in the UK has been fined after it was revealed that it had failed to identify asbestos at two schools in Wales . Normandie Analytical Services, based in Guernsey, carried out a series of asbestos tests fot the local council at Cardinal Newman Comprehensive School in Pontypridd and Aberdare Boys School, Aberdare.

The firm has been fined forty thousand pounds (around sixty two and a half thousand dollars) as a result of the oversights. The Health and Safety Executive has described the surveys as being inadequate. An investigation was launched after asbestos board was inadvertently disturbed at one of the schools.

An official from the HSE said: “This resulted in the construction workers being exposed to asbestos, a potential risk to their health.” The HSE also said: “This case demonstrates a failure by this company to carry out systematic and comprehensive checks for asbestos.”

It added: “Asbestos surveys need to be accurate, thorough and comprehensive so that asbestos in buildings can be properly managed.  In this case the company clearly did not have appropriate quality control checks in place, which resulted in the material being disturbed.”

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